Kim Gordon: "Lana Del Rey Is A Female Chris Isaak"

The former Sonic Youth icon takes aim at the "weird and affected" singer, and a host of other topics in The MOJO Interview in our latest issue.

Kim Gordon: "Lana Del Rey Is A Female Chris Isaak"

LANA DEL REY has probably been called worse, but according to Kim Gordon the singer is – damningly – a “female Chris Isaak”. MOJO 257: the newsstand cover. On sale now.

Speaking in this month’s (April 2015/ # 257) MOJO Interview, the former Sonic Youth member continues the dissection of the Video Games singer she started in her recently published autobiography Girl In A Band.

Asked by David Fricke to compare her respect for Madonna in the 1980s – Sonic Youth covered Into The Groove (below) in 1988 under the name Ciccone Youth – with her attack on Del Rey, Gordon witheringly compared the younger artist with the Wicked Games crooner.

“At the time, Madonna wasn't artifice,” she argues. “There was a certain irony in that people didn't expect us to like her, but Into The Groove was a good, minimalist dance song. Lana Del Rey – I really don't like her. For one thing, she's a female Chris Isaak.”

“I don't like the whole self-destructive thing... I think she's weird and affected.”

Kim Gordon

The source of Gordon’s displeasure are Del Rey’s comments about feminism, quoting the singer as saying "I'm a feminist. I believe women can do anything they want."

“Yeah, of course. Anyone can do whatever they want. You still have to take responsibility for your personal actions as a female,” explains Gordon.

“Does she really think young musicians should burn up in flames? It's a dressing, a persona. I don't like the whole self-destructive thing. That video for Ride [a 10-minute short film in which Del Rey plays a young woman in serial sexual encounters, with overtones of prostitution and self-abuse] was so disturbing. I think she's weird and affected.”

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