Watch A Cosmic Tribute To Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy

MOJO premieres video homage to Mr Spock by Colorama’s Carwyn Ellis.

Watch A Cosmic Tribute To Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy

DUE TO A strange cosmic coincidence that Mr Spock would no doubt have found a logical explanation for, Colorama’s Carwyn Ellis had only just released a track sampling Leonard Nimoy when the Star Trek star passed away last Friday (February 27) – and now the Welsh musician/producer has paid tribute to the actor in a new video you can watch below. Zarelli and Colorama's Carwyn Ellis</em>

New album Soft Rains by Ellis’s Zarelli project was released just days (February 23) before Nimoy’s death last week, and includes Falling Light, a composition that mixes a 1975 recording of Nimoy reading Ray Bradbury’s short story There Will Come Soft Rains with a new soundtrack.

Reviewing the album in the April 2015 edition of MOJO, Andrew Male called the combination of Nimoy’s reading and the music an “unsettling candy-coated trip into electronic unreality”.

Because of the unfortunate timing, Ellis has decided to turn the track into a tribute to the actor via a the video that MOJO is premiering below.

“I can't believe it – you couldn't make it up,” he tells MOJO. “The convergence of Nimoy’s passing and the record's release was deeply shocking and saddening to me. I just hope that with added hindsight the record can also serve as a positive reminder of two great men: Leonard Nimoy and Ray Bradbury.”

Watch the new video for Falling Light now.

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