Jimmy Page Relives Physical Graffiti

Watch the Led Zeppelin legend's revealing video interview with Planet Rock Radio.

Jimmy Page Relives Physical Graffiti

IN A NEW interview with MOJO’s friends at Planet Rock Radio, Led Zeppelin maestro Jimmy Page explores the making of Zep’s monumental 1975 album, Physical Graffiti. MOJO’s Led Zeppelin Limited Vinyl Edition, including <em>Physical Graffiti Redrawn</em> on double vinyl.

In the video below, which celebrates the recent 40th anniversary reissue of the record, the guitarist tells DJ Liz Barnes that the band felt on the verge of something special as they began sessions for the album.

“You knew in the pit of your stomach that it was going to be great, that wonderful things were going to happen and they did!” he declares, adding that initial demos with just him and drummer John Bonham – some of which appear on the new reissue's companion disc – allowed his songs to reach their full potential.

“I had a lot of complete songs and ideas that I wanted to try. One of the things I had was Kashmir… the riff that would go round and round and round… I had the idea in my head but I was itching to get there with John Bonham and play this riff,” recalls Page.

“He just loved it and we just played it over and over. With him I was able to bring out all these ideas I had at the time like Sick Again and Wanton Song.”

“You knew in the pit of your stomach that it was going to be great.”

Jimmy Page

MOJO magazine is also taking a new look at the album Page calls a “multi-faceted diamond”. This month’s issue includes a specially commissioned tribute album, where a host of hand-picked contemporary artists – Mark Kozelek, Laura Marling, Blackberry Smoke, White Denim, Michael Kiwanuka and more – cover the album in full. We're calling it Physical Graffiti Redrawn and a CD version comes free with every MOJO on the newsstands.

AND THERE'S MORE. A limited number of copies are available on double vinyl in a special limited edition. Along with a unique die-cut sleeve paying homage to the windows design of the original Physical Graffiti, the special package includes a bespoke Jimmy Page-signature edition of MOJO magazine and a replica of "The Led Zeppelin Express" poster.


Meanwhile, watch the video interview with Jimmy Page.


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