Leftfield – Alternative Light Source

IF RELEASING YOUR first record for 16 years is daunting, the stakes are raised considerably if – as in Leftfield’s case – both your previous albums went platinum. What’s more, Leftfield’s sole remaining member, Neil Barnes, is now doing it without former partner Paul Daley. Leftism In 2015: Neil Barnes goes it alone after a 16 year sabbatical.

Yet Barnes meets the challenge with some élan. Alternative Light Source, aided by a clutch of judicious guest appearances, balances crowd-pleasing festival epics, intense techy workouts and bubbling synth lullabies.

Following his cameo on the recent Prodigy album, Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson seems to be the go-to man for dance music grandees right now: his East Midlands street patter embellishes the low-end bass wobble that feeds the sink estate tech of skank Head And Shoulders, while Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh adds breathy incantations to Bilocation’s pulverising stomp.

Despite the extended sabbatical, Leftfield’s muscular, invigorating presence remains undimmed.

Listen to Bilocation here:

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