20 Great US Folk Albums Of The '60s

FROM DYLAN TO Doc Watson, Joan Baez to Jean Ritchie, the American folk revival redefined the possibilities of music in the 1960s, as artists sought to encapsulate the political zeitgeist, melding traditional and innovative techniques. MOJO ’60s, Vol 3 – cover star Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan stunned his fans and peers by filling half of Bringing It All Back Home with electric instruments, whereas Arlo Guthrie used an 18-minute slice of humorous autobiography on Alice’s Restaurant to invoke the anti-war spirit. Artists were using folk as a weapon of protest, and driving creatively forward in the process.

MOJO ’60s returns to the news-stands this week, and measures the impact of US folk in the decade via the 20 essential albums it produced.

Buy a copy for Colin Irwin's full feature, and whet your appetite with a rundown of the 20 landmark records he includes [below]...

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MOJO ’60s is on sale from June 18, through selected retailers.

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