Happy Days! Squeeze Preview Danny Baker Sitcom Soundtrack

Exclusive – watch the pair’s new video, taken from their new album which forms the score for the MOJO favourite’s new sitcom.

Happy Days! Squeeze Preview Danny Baker Sitcom Soundtrack

IT’S A MATCH made… well, Up The Junction! Squeeze are providing the soundtrack to Danny Baker’s new sitcom – and MOJO has an exclusive preview you can watch below. Cool for caps: Peter Kay & Danny Baker.

Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford’s next album, Cradle To The Grave, released on October 2, is not only their 14th effort in the studio but its songs provide the music for new the BBC comedy of the same name.

Based on Mr Baker’s wonderful autobiography, Going To Sea In A Sieve, and starring Peter Kay, the sitcom will air this autumn, charting the more colourful side of life in South London in the ’70s – something of a specialist subject for Squeeze.

“When I read Going To Sea In A Sieve it rang so many bells coming from a world I recognised as my own. I rang Danny and suggested Chris and I should be involved, doing what we do, and thankfully he agreed,” Tilbrook tells MOJO. “Danny and [co-writer] Jeff Pope have done such a wonderful job with the series, it has inspired us to make one of our best records ever. It’s not often that grown men get to sing songs about teenagers, is it?”

Though soundtracking the television show, Difford insists Cradle To The Grave remains very much a Squeeze album in its own right, explaining Baker let them get on and make the record on their own terms.

“Going To Sea In A Sieve rang so many bells.”

Glenn Tilbrook

“Working with Danny was so much fun, he and co-writer Jeff Pope would drop by with scripts and then let us have a free rein with what we then wrote,” he says. “It’s been such a great record to work on thanks to the freedom Danny has given us.”

Watch the pair’s video for first single, Happy Days, exclusively via MOJO now.


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