“It's Not Square!” Kelley Stoltz Previews In Triangle Time

Listen exclusively to Cut Me Baby, the opening track from the singer-songwriter's forthcoming album, due out this November.

“It's Not Square!” Kelley Stoltz Previews In Triangle Time

WHILE IT OUGHT be the title of a Pythagoras-meeting, Tom Baker-era episode of Doctor Who, In Triangle Time turns out to be the title of Kelley Stoltz's new album, which we’re happy to preview below. Get the point? The cover of Kelley Stoltz's <em>In Triangle Time</em>

The MOJO favourite will return with the dimension-bending new record on November 6, and you can listen to its opening track, Cut Me Baby, exclusively now.

“What or where is someone In Triangle Time? I'm still trying to figure it out myself,” Stoltz admits to MOJO of his three-sided title.

“Maybe it's a new dance or an odd musical time signature. Perhaps it’s a convergence of metallic ring-a-ding instruments. Could be it's a period of my life that seemed stuck in three directions. Anyway, it's a cosmic angle. I reckon it’s an in-betweener – I've got a foot in the past, and a foot in the future. But most definitely, it's not square.”

Judge for yourself now, streaming the off-kilter groove and lo-fi chiming guitars of the swelling Cut Me Baby below. A full review of In Triangle Time will appear in a future issue of MOJO.

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