The Sound Of Young Scotland Returns With Nectarine No. 9!

Indie forces converge as the Postcard Records band’s Jock Scot-featuring album, Saint Jack, is reissued by Heavenly – listen to a preview now.

The Sound Of Young Scotland Returns With Nectarine No. 9!

THEY WERE AMONG the last representatives of the “Sound Of Young Scotland”, a band so defiantly independent Postcard Records was reactivated for them in the ’90s, now Edinburgh’s The Nectarine No. 9 are set to be celebrated with a new reissue. The cover of the current issue of MOJO, which includes an interview with Jock Scot.

Appropriately, modern day indie stalwarts Heavenly Recordings have stepped in to re-release the group’s 1995 album Saint Jack – and you can hear a preview of this gem via MOJO in the form of its title track, below.

The Nectarine No. 9 were led by The Fire Engines’ Davy Henderson, while the album features poet and former Ian Dury roadie Jock Scot – who is in the current issue of MOJO (October ’15/ #263) in his own right discussing his Zelig-like rock’n’roll career that’s seen him collaborate with the likes of The Clash and The Libertines, while the reissue of his 1997 album My Personal Culloden is also reviewed.

You can appreciate why a Postcard revival was needed at the time.

Saint Jack is an album I’ve admired since its release. It’s a rich, captivating record, a true Postcard Records release in every sense, although it’s perhaps not as well known as some of its peers,” Heavenly Recordings’ Jeff Barrett tells MOJO. “If with this reissue Heavenly can help more people discover it, then our job is done.”

Henderson, meanwhile, backed Jock Scot at an intimate gig at The Social last night (September 14), when the venerable man of letters performed songs from My Personal Culloden to a rapt and appreciative crowd at the London venue.

Saint Jack will be reissued on November 27, listen to its title track.