Win The 18-CD Edition Of Bob Dylan's Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge 1965-1966 is the 12th volume of Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series. Previous instalments have unleashed wondrous unreleased Dylan material but this is something even more special: every single note recorded by the ur-singer-songwriter in the studio over what many consider to be his peak years, 1965/1966. The bumper Collector’s Edition boasts incredible rarity value, too. Only 5,000 copies will ever be manufactured, and initially retail at $599.99. Prize package includes...

379 tracks on 18 discs The original nine mono 45 RPM singles released during the time period 180 page hardcover 11" x 11" book A leopardskin-printed spindle A strip of film cells from an original print of the Dont Look Back film Download link to hi-res audio files for all 18 discs


PLUS! Read all about Bootleg Volume 12: The Cutting Edge – and indeed EVERY volume of the Series so far – in the exclusive book that comes with the latest MOJO magazine.

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