Paul Weller: "The Jam’s Early Years Were My Favourite"

Ahead of a major retrospective book from photographer Tom Sheehan, the Mod maestro discusses his first band in the new MOJO, on sale from Tuesday (April 26).

Paul Weller: "The Jam’s Early Years Were My Favourite"

THE MANY LOOKS, moods and visions of Paul Weller are captured in a new career-spanning photobook and MOJO has an exclusive preview of The Jam years – including an exclusive commentary from the man himself. The cover of MOJO 271, on sale in the UK from Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

Featuring in our new issue (June 2016 / #271), on sale from Tuesday, April 26, we take a peek inside Tom Sheehan’s forthcoming Aim High with a set of exclusive preview pictures captioned by Weller himself.

Zeroing in on The Jam years, in recording studios, dressing rooms, London parks and elsewhere, he reveals the hidden, playful side behind the band’s opening salvos.

“We were always taking the piss out of each other, especially in the early days. It was a lot of fun but a lot of hard work too,” Weller writes. “The early years were probably my favourite times, though. It was less pressure and great just to be in a band.”

Get MOJO for the full gallery, Weller’s captions and an interview with Sheehan on the experience of shooting Weller across his career.

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PHOTO: Tom Sheehan