Max Jury: “I Feel A Bit Like Woody Allen Sometimes”

The fast-rising US singer-songwriter on his demons – and how songwriting helps quell them – in the new issue of MOJO.

Max Jury: “I Feel A Bit Like Woody Allen Sometimes”

FEAR NOT. HE has no plans to score Annie Hall or Manhattan: The Musical (soon anyway), but rising singer-songwriter Max Jury has spoken of his artistic kinship with Woody Allen in the latest issue of MOJO. The cover of MOJO #272, on sale in the UK from 24 May, 2016.

While Gram Parsons is a key musical touchstone for the 21-year-old, who initially came to attention in 2014 via his reflective All I Want: The Sonic Factory Sessions EP, Jury says that Allen’s work has helped him channel the depressive bouts that have dogged him from an early age.

“I feel a bit like Woody Allen sometimes,” he tells Pat Gilbert in MOJO #272 – on sale in the UK now. “I went into therapy when I was in second grade. I’ve always felt melancholic – I don’t know why – but being a songwriter is a way to express that.”

However, the young Iowan insists that dealing with his emotions in this way does not lead solely to doom and gloom.

“Sometimes I feel that I can’t get things right in my life,” Jury suggests, “but at the same time, I’m also a happy guy who likes to have fun. I’ve used this album as a tool to get those demons out a little bit.”

Get the full interview with Max Jury in MOJO 272, which also celebrates 50 years of Bob Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde. 22 pages of Bob coverage are augmented by Blonde On Blonde Revisited, the original album reinterpreted by a host of choice contemporary acts. For more info and contents.

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PHOTO: Mattia Zoppelaro