Thee Oh Sees - A Weird Exits

JOHN DWYER HAS BEEN EDGING ever nearer to his magnum opus since starting his lo-fi OCS project in 2003. And here it is. A Weird Exits represents no break for new pastures, and you can plot a path from earlier albums like Purifiers II direct to its door. But Thee oh Sees have never done ‘Thee oh Sees’ quite as well as they do here, a riot of lucid cacophony, androgyny, glowing vignettes of loveliness, and two drummers caught in the most sublime lockstep. on the highwire of Plastic Plant, the frenetic pace is dizzying but graceful, compressing all the kinetic energy and hallucinatory marvel of Can’s Mother Sky into three flab-free minutes. Floydian The Axis, meanwhile, is as elegant and elegiac psychedelia as we’ve heard since Comets on Fire left our atmosphere, the perfect close for Dwyer’s greatest album yet (until the next one). Hear the whole album here: