Yello Explain Their New Album To MOJO

Watch electronica/dance pioneers at their eccentric best in exclusive mini-doc.

Yello Explain Their New Album To MOJO

YELLO ARE BACK. This much is already apparent. The veteran Swiss duo, comprising vocalist Dieter Meyer and computer music man Boris Blank, release a new album, Toy, their 13th and first since 2009’s Touch, on September 30. And the pair are keen to explain its genesis to MOJO readers. Yello’s <em>Toy</em> album. Just the right kind of silly.

Yello’s first album – Solid Pleasure – was released in 1980, setting a precedent for post-Moroder cosmopolitan disco pop that would embrace the driving future-trance of Lost Again (1983) and gumby-fresh dancefloor zeitgeist-grabbers Oh Yeah (1987) and The Race (1988).

A short film about the new album reveals playboy Meier and tech-head Blank in top, wryly humorous, form, as they consult on the design of their new album cover – just the right brand of silly, natch – and maintain their image as your fantasy cool uncles up to no good in Monte Carlo.