Van Morrison - Keep Me Singing

HAS ORNERY VAN MORRISON MELLOWED at last? In his 70th year, the singer has created an album that’s not only one of his most gorgeous, but also one of his most humble. Keep Me Singing glows with soft, quiet ballads, kissed by strings and lilting with keyboards. Hard blues, soul and R&B take a back seat to pop tunes with an elegant turn. Some of the lyrics may deal with the pain of pining but they’re delivered with unfiltered vulnerability. Recently, Van looked to the past by releasing Duets: Re-working The Catalogue and an expanded take on his 1974 live album It’s Too Late To Stop Now. Now, he sounds open to the future. Better, he clearly worked out the bile he spewed on his last album of original songs, Born To Sing: No Plan B, leaving him full of grace. Watch author Ian Rankin interview Van about the album here: