How To Buy The Who

On July 8 The Who played the final date of a Quadrophenia tour at Wembley Arena, whereupon Pete Townshend said, “We might not be back for a long time.” Ominous talk from most groups, but couldn’t this group, with all their volatile elements, have exploded at any time over the last fifty years, like one of dear departed Keith Moon’s detonating drum kits? This tension makes their catalogue so wondrous, but what are the best ways to hear it? Do you need earlier LPs My Generation and The Who Sell Out? What about the concept albums and Who’s Next? How about late period Who (how to get 2004’s Elvis-tribute Real Good Looking Boy off Then And Now in?) and the best comps? And where does Live At Leeds go? Tell us your choices and reasoning, please, in the comments section below and, as ever, the best comments will appear in the next issue. Cheers!