Washed Out – Paracosm

Within And Without, the sultry 2011 debut from Washed Out, saw its creator, Ernest Greene, anointed tsar of the chillwave phenomenon. This hazy, smoked-out amalgam of shoegaze, analogue synths and surf pop harmonies, which numbered Toro Y Moi and Memory Tapes among its courtiers, seemed destined for a mayfly-like life expectancy. Greene partly supports that theory by adding an orchestra-sized selection of instruments – over 50 of them – to the mix to help bolster the wispy melodies and narco-pop soundbed. It’s most readily apparent on It All Feels Right, where sharp acoustic guitar, tambourine and string washes recall Bradford Cox’s Atlas Sound project. That said, the quiet/loud somnambulence of Weightless – think M83, at the more ‘Slowdiveier’ end of their scale – suggests that Green isn’t ready to rend apart his music’s gauze veil just yet. WashedOut27730x433

Watch the video for Don't Give Up: