What Is Van Morrison's Best Album?

His first solo disc was in 1967 and he shows no sign of stopping. Consequently, Van Morrison exists in many incarnations – there’s the blues-inspired rocker; the ‘70s poet and mystic; the jazz, soul and R&B Van; country Van; folk Van… but whichever one it is, when the record plays, you always know it’s him. But what are the best ways to plug into his transcendent, alchemical muse? How to hear his first band Them? Which of that first flush of remarkable solo LPs, including Astral Weeks and Moondance, do you need? 1979's Into The Music? How about his ‘80s albums – Poetic Champions Compose? Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart? – and after, to recent works like last year’s well-titled Born To Sing: No Plan B?

Tell us your choices and reasoning via the comments below. As ever, the best suggestions will appear in the How To Buy section of the next issue. Cheers!

Photo: LFI