Brit Psych Legends Kaleidoscope Meet Serge Gainsbourg!

Super rare footage unearthed on eve of Trembling Bells collaboration.

Brit Psych Legends Kaleidoscope Meet Serge Gainsbourg!

KALEIDOSCOPE's LAST UK SHOW was at the Isle Of Wight festival in 1970, when, playing as Fairfield Parlour, they shared a bill with The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Miles Davis. Having revived the group in the US in 2011 and 2012, singer Peter Daltrey has now united with Glasgow’s psych-folk revivers Trembling Bells to bring a new version of Kaleidoscope to the UK stage; they play at London's Islington Assembly Halls on November 17.

Says Daltrey: “We’ve been rehearsing the set in Glasgow – I knew they would be a perfect choice for the folkier songs from our later incarnation as Fairfield Parlour, but I was surprised to find that they can also handle the psyche classics like Faintly Blowing and Flight From Ashiya with considerable energy and aplomb. Lavinia (Blackwall, vocals) is possessed of a wonderful voice and it a joy to have her join me.”

Trembling Bells, of course, have just played a tour with the Incredible String Band’s Mike Heron and know a thing or two about the conjuring of correct sonics and atmosphere.

To be going on with, here is the original Kaleidoscope on French TV in 1967, playing their debut single Flight From Ayesha and its flipside Holidaymaker. Check yé-yé star France Gall digging the sounds and at 3.20, Serge Gainsbourg!