Morrissey Book Latest: It’s Coming!

After cancellation reports, Moz fans can breathe again. His autobiography will be with us soon. Except not in America.

Morrissey Book Latest: It’s Coming!

CONFUSION REIGNED ON Friday September 13, when it was reported that Morrissey’s long-promised memoir Autobiography – which was to have been granted immediate Penguin Classic status – had been canned by publishers Penguin a mere three days before it was due on shelves. But later that day, the Morrissey fansite True-to-You published the following clarification: “The publication of Morrissey’s Autobiography remains with Penguin Books. This is a deal for the UK and Europe, but Morrissey has no contract with a publisher for the U.S. or any other territory. As of 13 September, Morrissey and Penguin (UK) remain determined to publish within the next few weeks.”

Though the US – with its more cautious publishing culture – will be denied its own domestically printed copies (how on earth will the fans get to read it, in this day and age?), the rest of us will finally get Morrissey’s own take on his life and career up to the split of The Smiths in 1987.

There are many areas requiring elucidation – how will he answer Johnny Marr’s opinion that The Smiths could not continue because of Morrissey’s behaviour and, indeed, acts of self-sabotage? Will he reflect on his own mental state during these incandescent years? And why didn’t Kenneth Williams make it on the cover of a Smiths record?

Some would say it is unlikely to be a balanced account – but is this what we really want? Forget the unfortunate fallout of his cancelled concert dates in north and south America; Morrissey, again, has the world’s attention.

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