Pearl Jam Unveil New Video For Sirens

Track trails October album, Lightning Bolt. Fans voice love… and concern: “What's up with all the autotune?”

Pearl Jam Unveil New Video For Sirens

MOJO’s last brush with Seattle rock titans Pearl Jam took place in Chicago on a soggy July evening where the band’s set at Wrigley Field was interrupted by a thunderstorm so ferocious that it stopped play for two and a half hours. Fitting for a band whose new album is titled Lightning Bolt. Due out on October 14, the album is preceded by Sirens, the new video for which has been produced by Danny Clinch, the esteemed US iconographer whose work has appeared on a number of occasions in MOJO. And here it is...


In contrast to Mind Your Manners, the band’s debut single from their tenth studio album, Sirens is something of power ballad that appears to have caused a modicum of consternation among the Pearl Jam faithful who’ve already viewed the video on YouTube.

“What's up with all the autotune? Come on guys, this is Eddie Fucking Vedder!” comments riseofthefallen301, mistaking the Pearl Jam singer’s high-pitched vocal for studio trickery.

“I was thinking it was a Michael Bublé power ballad. Turns into a great song though once Ed gets going,” says GG8920, adding “Apparently it was inspired by watching Roger Waters live show of The Wall.”

Judge for yourselves and read Stevie Chick’s enthusiastic full review of Lightning Bolt in the new issue of MOJO.