Grateful Dead's 1972 Holy Grail Unveiled

IT's TAKEN 41 YEARS, but Deadheads can now finally rejoice as the band's 1972 marathon performance at the Oregon Country Fair arrives in glorious HD. You can dip into this magnificent (somewhat NSFW) Hippie/Head artefact via the clips below, but first here are some things you should know about this event:

1. The gig was organised to raise money for Ken Kesey's Springfield Creamery.

2. Tickets were printed on the back on the Creamery's yogurt labels.

3. Out of the acres of bootlegged Dead tapes, this remains their most requested live show. Ever.

4. August 8, 1972 was the hottest day on record to date in Oregon.

5. Clothing at the show was "optional". Water supplies were short.

6. It was a Merry Prankster/Grateful Dead reunion. Kesey and fellow Prankster Ken Babbs were the hosts.

7. There's a naked man 'dancing' on top of a pole (3.33). He stays there for a very long time. He may still be there now.

Jack Straw:

  Bonus Clip - China Cat Sunflower (WARNING: naked hippies galore in this one):

  Bonus Clip - The Cast Of Characters:

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