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Yuck - Memorial Fields

Ignore the name! Enjoy their lush-ness!

By Stories, New MusicPhil Alexander
Yuck - Memorial Fields

Band names can be both a blessing and a curse. In the case of Yuck the latter applies, the London-based outfit having to eschew the juvenilia of their moniker to serve up an increasingly sophisticated sound. The band’s maturity is evident on this latest track, Memorial Fields, where influences ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Slowdive are wrapped in glorious autumnal melodies and the unexpected arrival of triumphal-yet-melancholic horn parts.

Yuck’s evolution is made even more impressive when you consider that the band lost frontman Daniel Blumberg who decided to go solo prior to the recording of the album, his role being assumed by his fellow former Cajun Band Party member Max Bloom. Despite this period of uncertainty, Memorial Fields suggests that Yuck have returned stronger with their second album, Behold, which is release via Pharmacy/Fat Possum on Monday, September 30.

Those of you seeking more Yuck tune-age should visit the band’s website where you can download the track Rebirth for free and you can also order Glow & Behold with a limited signed artwork print on CD and on limited white vinyl 12-inch.

Listen to Memorial Fields here: