Mogwai Soundtrack The Hudson River Project

Scots noise miscreants sent up river on ecologically sourced adventure doc. Watch the clip.

Mogwai Soundtrack The Hudson River Project

Mogwai will follow their soundtracks to Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait and cerebral French Zombie serial Les Revenants by writing a new original score for forthcoming documentary, The Hudson River Project, which begins filming next year and was launched last week in New York. The film, a collaboration between Antony Crook and record-breaking round-the-world cyclist-cum-eco adventurer James Bowthorpe, will follow Bowthorpe’s endeavours to build a boat out of recycled Manhattan waste, take it to the source of the Hudson River, Lake Tear Of The Clouds (itself a candidate for a Mogwai song title…) high in the Adirondack Mountains, then row the boat back down the river to the city.

This teaser trailer shows Bowthorpe on reconnaissance trips to NYC and the remote Adirondacks, set to Mogwai’s atmospheric piano ballad I Know You Are But What Am I? from Happy Songs For Happy People. The final film will feature an all-new Mogwai soundtrack.

“The Hudson River Project film is something we’re immensely excited about soundtracking.” Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite told MOJO this week. “James and Antony are incredibly talented guys and I've no doubt this film will be something special.”

Watch the trailer below.


You don’t need a film sync professional to tell you that Mogwai’s verdant miniature symphonies and booming, elephants-and-ants instrumental dynamics are the perfect accompaniment to shots of dark, turbulent water and ominous, misty wilderness in what the filmmakers describe as “an environment and social allegory… to make a connection between a modern mega-city like New York and the wilderness river without which the city would not exist.”

Mogwai have worked with Crook and Bowthorpe before, providing the soundtrack to a short film of James lit by the midnight sun cycling north of the Norwegian Arctic Circle. The film accompanied How To Be A Werewolf from 2011’s Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will album and was screened at Mogwai’s live shows. You can watch it again here

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