Who Are The 20 Most Important Artists Of The Last 20 Years?

WE KICKED OFF MOJO’s 20th birthday celebrations with a definitive rundown of the best albums of MOJO’s lifetime. Now we want to get YOUR take on modern music’s most important artists – the singers and swingers, grinders and groovers, axe-attackers and sound-sculptors who’ve had the greatest impact during the last 20 years. Type your top three – in order of impiortance – into the form below. Ping it off and your votes will form a part of a Top 20 list to be revealed at some point in the not-too-distant future.

But whom will you pick?

Radiohead showed how to change shape and stay ahead of the game, Oasis brought straightahead, goodtime rock’n’roll values back into the mix, Nirvana were sadly snuffed out but kicked open doors that groups formerly considered too gnarly to garner mass acceptance are still strolling through.

Aphex Twin and DJ Shadow made guitars look passé, The Strokes and The White Stripes injected them with new life, Will Oldham re-opened the fertile vistas of folk and country while Bob Dylan showed there was no age limit to creating great rock and pop music. Nick Cave, Flaming Lips and Tom Waits carved their own paths.

And what about the competing claims of Björk, Beck, Jay-Z, Green Day, Danger Mouse, Lauryn Hill, Johnny Cash, Kanye West, Arcade Fire, PJ Harvey, Dr Dre, U2, The Fall, Elliott Smith or Daft Punk?

Scratch your head and tell us your top three. It ain’t easy – nothing worthwhile is. But remember, it’s “most important”, not “best”. There’s a difference.