The Best Soundtracks Of 2013

From electro-psychedelic overload to tightly wound sex-club funk and existential Gallic jazz, we salute the top 10 soundtracks of the year.

The Best Soundtracks Of 2013

It'll soon be time to wave goodbye to 2013, which means it’s time to begin our series of genre Top 10s. First up is our essential selection of the last 12 months of film soundtracks. Whether a brand new recording, a longed-for reissue or a first commercial release for an unearthed treasure, each is a gleaming reminder of that intoxicating moment when sound and screen find a perfect harmony.

Watch a clip from each film, and enjoy its musical accompaniment, below.

The following was written by the MOJO staff from a list originally compiled for MOJO by Jonny Trunk.

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