What Is John Lydon’s Best Album?

HE'S FROM FINSBURY PARK and he’s having a lark – and has been, recording-wise, since the Sex Pistols’ debut single Anarchy In The UK came out in November 1976. The Pistols’ Never Mind The Bollocks followed in ‘77; a multi-layered Big Bang that, rather than bury rock'n'roll, re-vitalised it in ways that are still being felt. Lydon could have retired immediately after and still be counted as one of British music’s originals and motivators. But he forged on with PiL, recording still-potent exploratory works including Metal Box and The Flowers Of Romance, all proving that while commentators may salute Lydon as provocateur, his musical imagination – attained listening to reggae, Can and Van der Graaf Generator – is immense. True, original output slowed in the ‘90s, but as 2012’s Public Image reformation LP This Is PiL and its attendant live shows proved, his ire is undimmed.

So how to rate his recordings, in order? Tell us your choices and reasoning via Facebook or Twitter. As ever, the best suggestions will appear in the How To Buy section of the next issue. Danke!

PHOTOS: Getty Images/Rex Features