Rival Sons' New Album: Exclusive Behind The Scenes Video

Step inside the blues rockers' inner sanctum.

Rival Sons' New Album: Exclusive Behind The Scenes Video

RIVAL SONS, CALIFORNIAN purveyors of undiluted rock'n'soul, can currently be found at a Nashville studio busy recording the follow-up to their 2012 breakthrough, Head Down. Thanks to guitarist Scott Holiday and the exclusive video below, you can now take a sneak peek at the band's latest recording adventures. The band and producer Dave Cobb have been ensconced in LCS studios since the start of the year. “This record.. the boys seem to have a fire in them!" says Cobb. "During the previous albums, which were 20 days each, we had a room full of whiskey bottles at the end. This time it's 6 weeks... there should be enough to fill a football field!”

This new, as-yet-untitled record, follows the triumvirate of increasingly impressive albums, Before The Fire (2009), Pressure & Time (2011) and Head Down (2012).

Check out the video below.

Rival Sons will release their new studio album in the spring on Earache Records.

PHOTO: David Bean