15 Songs For Valentine’s Day

LOVE SONGS – THEY’RE THE lifeblood of pop, rock and soul. So much so that sometimes you even forget they’re there. Except on Valentine’s Day, of course. On Valentine’s Day, you can’t move for them. Like everyone, we at MOJO have our own favourite ditties that grapple with the ways of romance, and we present some of them below. But with a twist. Because this isn’t a definitive list of the Best Love Songs Ever (Crazy In Love isn’t in there, for a start). Rather, the idea is that these songs plot the arc of a romantic relationship – admittedly the very “special” kind of relationship that could only start with If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me.

From the first tentative steps in the dance of courtship, through the initial flush of erotic reciprocity, the height of heart-fluttering adoration and onwards, on the rocky road to infidelity, boredom, heartbreak, sundering and its bleak aftermath – all that’s in store if you pick the wrong restaurant for Valentine’s night’s candlelit assignation – we present our 15 Songs That Tell The Story Of Love…

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PHOTO: Getty Images