Elton John In 1973: Candid Tour Footage Unearthed!

All aboard the piano-rock behemoth’s private airliner for vintage excess and Harmony.

Elton John In 1973: Candid Tour Footage Unearthed!

In-flight bar, fleet of deluxe vehicles, a great pop single that never was and the 1970s’ biggest rock star dancing on the wing of his customised jet airliner are all featured in this rare archive footage from Elton John's 1973 tour. The clip, posted online to coincide with the 40th Anniversary edition of transatlantic Number 1 double album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, accompanies elegiac closer, Harmony – a track earmarked as the fourth single from the album, but shelved due to the incoming rush of releases from Elton's next LP, Caribou.

Be sure to watch out for appearances from Elton's band members, Dee Murray, Davey Johnstone and Nigel Olsson, manager John Reid and an ebullient Stevie Wonder. Hard rock heads may also recognise the 707 Starship – the same plane used to ferry Led Zeppelin around North America on their mammoth tours.

Check out some vintage '70s superstar antics below:

And you can check out more footage from the GYBR sessions in this 1973 documentary: