Archie Bronson Outfit – Two Doves On A Lake

Bath garage rockers too long in exile tease fourth album, Wild Crush, with riffing groove monster. Hear it now!

Archie Bronson Outfit – Two Doves On A Lake

WHO SAYS CAT PEOPLE and dog people can’t get on? Certainly not Archie Bronson Outfit’s Sam Windett (left) and Mark “Arp” Cleveland (right), back in our consciousness on the tails of Two Doves On A Lake – this spooky psych-rock groover, which, if nothing else, serves a timely reminder that a little 6/8 can go a long way.

After a period in the semi-wilderness (or, at least some long grass, in the West Country), the Bronsons return somewhat transformed, with founder member Dorian Hobday no longer in the picture. Producer/keyboard player Kristian “Kapital K” Robinson and saxist Duke Garwood add colour, though the staples of Windett’s faintly hysterical vibrato and Cleveland’s whopping beat will be familiar to fans of their onomatopoeic 2006 highwatermark, Derdang Derdang.

<em>Wild Crush</em>: What’s wrong with being sexy?

A 9-track album, Wild Crush, comes on May 19. We were playing it in the MOJO office earlier and enjoying its focused thrills and rum track titles including Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody – a remake of a track that Windett and Cleveland recorded as The Pyramids, their confusing 2007 side-project. Wild Crush stops the clock at 32 minutes – a fine length for an album (just ask Surfer Rosa). Note also that it was mastered at half speed for what audiophiles call ‘extra good sound’.

Enhancing Two Doves...’ audio impression of being somewhere heavy, faintly blitzed on third-eye-enhancers, sometime in the middle of 1968 is the album’s risqué artwork (above, right) by Stevie Gee.

The album is released on standard LP (WIGLP333)/ limited edition purple coloured vinyl (WIGLP333X), CD (WIGCD333) and digitally (WIG333D). Pre-order the album via Dom Mart HERE and via iTunes HERE – album pre-orders come with an instant “grat” (ugh!) of Two Doves On A Lake.

Archie Bronson also tour the UK, a bit...

MAY 18 Dublin Workman’s Clubs 19 Manchester Ruby Lounge 20 Bristol Lantern 21 London Islington Assembly Hall