The Black Keys Tease New Album Turn Blue

Mike Tyson and local Akron radio and TV legend thicken the plot.

The Black Keys Tease New Album Turn Blue

OVER THE WEEKEND the more observant among us will have noticed the appearance of an absurdly weird film that announced the release of the new Black Keys album. It emanated from an unlikely source: Mike Tyson’s Twitter feed which featured a link to a YouTube video...

Teased! Would you let this man invade you?

The clip features a mysterious oriental hypnotist inviting viewers to “Let yourself go,” and continuing “If you follow me, you will turn blue.”

The two-minute and 18 second film culminates in a final slate which reads: ‘Special New Album Turn Blue By Rock Musicians The Black Keys Available By Cellular Phone, Instores Or Download From The Internet On May 13th’, thereby confirming the new offering by Akron duo Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney.

The Black Key’s eighth studio album – out on May 12th in the UK where releases hit on a Monday rather than a Tuesday – appears to be titled as a tribute to Ghoulardi, the alter ego of Cleveland DJ, Ernie Anderson, whose fantastical exploits animated the TV show Shock Theatre on local Ohio station WJW-TV’s Channel 8. The larger-than-life horror host was fond of the phrase “Stay sick, turn blue!”

You can find out more about Ghoulardi and America’s first wave of late night TV freak-ery by watching this fine film made by producer/director Phil Hoffman.

Ghoulardi: Le Freak, c’est chic!

The Black Keys themselves are also tipped to release their brand new single, Fever, later today (March 24) with no fanfare whatsoever in a bid to escape the clamour that surrounded the band following the success of their last multiple Grammy-grabbing set, El Camino, released in December 2011. Like its predecessor, Turn Blue, is expected to be co-produced by Danger Mouse.