Track Premiere: John Murry – Glass Slipper

Listen to the first offering from the singer-songwriter's forthcoming EP, Califorlornia.

Track Premiere: John Murry – Glass Slipper

JOHN MURRY WILL follow the broken and bruised beauty of 2012’s The Graceless Age (awarded the full five stars in MOJO) with a new four-track EP, Califorlornia. Glass Slipper – written by Murry and Chuck Prophet – is a panoramic Americana ballad that recalls the Tupelo native’s 2013 single Southern Sky as well as The Band’s cover of early ’60s soul gem Share Your Love (With Me), its bright melodies casting a thin veil over the sort of maudlin meditations that made the songs on The Graceless Age so compelling.

Recorded in Oakland and Australia, Califorlornia also features Golden State (another Chuck Prophet co-write), Genius (a cover of Warren Zevon and Larry Klein’s 2002 track) and Timmy (a tribute to Murry’s producer Tim Mooney).

Califorlornia will be released on June 16 on limited edition 10” vinyl via Rubyworks. You’ll also be able to hear it via iTunes and other digital platforms.

Check out Glass Slipper below:

PHOTO: Peter Eriksson