The Black Keys' MOJO Cover Lands In America

MOJO 247 makes it Stateside. Celebrate with this 15-track video companion.

The Black Keys' MOJO Cover Lands In America

MOJO’s June issue (yes, it’s confusing) makes its monthly transfer across the Atlantic this week. Which means our spiral-tastic cover starring The Black Keys hits east coast book stores now-ish, from whence it migrates west until it reaches West Coast news stands next Tuesday, May 27. The Black Keys in the June edition of MOJO.

In addition to an exclusive in-depth interview with the 21st Century R&B masters as they unleash the sweltering funky rock of their new album, Turn Blue – there’s a free, 15-track CD companion to their world, entitled The Black Keys And Friends. It includes the duo’s recent single Fever, an exclusive live version of the El Camino album’s Gold On The Ceiling, plus tracks from Dr. John, Black Lips, Bo Diddley, Jessica Lea Mayfield and more.

Ready for a taste of the Akron band’s world, their high-level associates, and wide-ranging influences? After sampling this hot-to-trot video playlist, you will be.

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Among other outlets, MOJO is available in around 660 Barnes & Noble book stores across the US. Find your nearest branch here.

PHOTO: Tom Oldham