Jimmy Page Memoir Reveals Led Zeppelin Man’s Angelic Side

CHERUBIC JAMES PATRICK PAGE, aged 13, of St Barnabas Church, Epsom, shows no sign of the rock’n’roll imp he would become in this fantastic shot from his eponymous photography-based memoir, available in October.

“I took my guitar along to see if I could tune it up from the organ.”

“I like the cheek of that,” writes Page. “The choirmaster took this photograph, and he remembered that I took my guitar along to see if I could tune it up from the organ.”

Posh rock tome tsars Genesis Publications promise a thorough and exhaustively researched record of Page’s life from a choirboy through his years as a session player, stint in The Yardbirds, and iconic Zeppelin and post-Zeppelin career that followed.

“It’s the most complete document that there’s ever going to be because of the amount of time that I’ve put into every aspect,” Page says.

Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page: “It’s the most complete document there’s ever going to be.”

First printed in a limited edition of 2,500 copies that sold out within weeks, this new print of Jimmy Page will be more accessible and affordable for fans eager to peruse the 650 handpicked photographs that make up its 512 pages.

“The tour schedules, passport stamps, working visas and memorabilia really make up a complete picture, which just keeps unfolding as you turn each page of the book,” Page says.

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Photograph: Copyright Genesis Publications / Jimmy Page www.jimmypagebook.com

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