First CSNY Tour '74 Material Debuts On MOJO

WHETTING FANS’ APPETITES for the beautifully packaged (we've seen it) and exquisitely mellifluous (we've heard it) CSNY 1974 tour box, here’s an exclusive first listen to Change Partners, the reflective, autobiographical Stephen Stills song first released on his Stills 2 album. It’s introduced by Graham Nash as “something we've been doing for years – changing partners” – cheekily to alluding to certain band members’ seeming penchant for relationship-based musical chairs.

And here it is...

The multi-disc box commemorates the 40th anniversary of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s 1974 reformation tour, which played 31 shows in 24 cities, witnessed by over a million fans.

The box includes some of CSNY’s best-known music; songs like Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Helpless, Wooden Ships, and Teach Your Children. During the 1974 tour, CSNY also introduced new songs that emerged later on various albums, including Crosby’s Time After Time, Nash’s Fieldworker, and Stills’ First Things First. Several songs by Young are previously unreleased, including Traces, Love/Art Blues, Goodbye Dick, and Hawaiian Sunrise.

The 40 tracks will be released in several formats and configurations on July 8. The box set includes 40 tracks spread over three CDs, plus a bonus DVD of previously unreleased concert footage. The songs will also be available digitally, and on 192kHz/24-bit Pure Audio Blu-Ray.

For full tracklistings on all formats, head on over to

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