Jack White – Lazaretto

Smoking title track from Jack White’s new album gets a fun promo. A bull, a muscle car and lots of smashed glass feature.

Jack White – Lazaretto

THE TITLE TRACK FROM Jack White’s forthcoming second solo album, Lazaretto, gets an old-fashioned high-concept video. And while there’s nothing entirely new about its 'let’s smash some things up’ gambit, it suits White’s latest, seriously sweltering, riff-monster – bug-eyed, unpredictable and eccentric in that Jack way we know and love.

We like it because he does that thing where he semi-raps. And there’s a hellhound of a guitar solo at 1.46. And there’s something weird and threatening about the way he comes towards you at the end. Like, ‘Now it’s YOUR turn.’

Lazaretto, the album, is out on Monday, June 9.