Public Enemy Unleash Rebel Without A Pause, 1987

The hip hop flame-keepers, alive on MTV. Plus! Live dates.

Public Enemy Unleash Rebel Without A Pause, 1987

LAST NIGHT RAP institutions Public Enemy played the hip hop nexus that is the Lowestoft Aquarium, while this Saturday night sees them bring the noise to the Electric Brixton. It’s extraordinary to reflect that they’ve been a politically charged and musically explosive recording and touring entity for getting on three decades now, having debuted on long-playing wax with 1987’s seismic Yo! Bum Rush The Show LP. This clip dates from a Yo! MTV Raps appearance from the time, playing the lead single from their second LP, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. Terminator X (“I call him Norm you know,” as Chuck has it) may now have departed to farm ostriches and been replaced by DJ Lord, but here he gives convincing demonstration of the live scratchers’ art.

And while we’re here, here are some UK movies of Public Enemy courtesy of Tim Westwood’s YouTube channel, featuring Professor Griff’s bulletproof vest, the group eating Frosties and pre-fame Betty Boo and her rap troupe She Rockers freestyling in McDonald's.

Public Enemy, meanwhile, play further UK dates in July.