Ian Hunter And Mick Ronson Are Once Bitten Twice Shy

Uruguay’s Luis Suárez should learn that biting’s very uncool. Unless Ian Hunter’s singing about it, of course...

Ian Hunter And Mick Ronson Are Once Bitten Twice Shy

WITH LUIS SUÁREZ facing a possible World Cup ban following his alleged dental mauling of Giorgio Chiellini during Tuesday’s ill-tempered Uruguay-Italy clash, what better time to revisit one of the greatest bite-referencing songs of all time? Once Bitten Twice Shy was the first single from Ian Hunter’s self-titled debut solo album. Ian Hunter was released in April 1975, the year after the singer had quit Mott The Hoople.

The album featured the former Spider From Mars guitarist and ...Ziggy Stardust musical director Mick Ronson and marked the start of a long collaborative relationship between the two musicians. Once Bitten Twice Shy was Hunter’s first and last UK Top 20 hit, and this promo video captures the glam magic of this classic Hunter-Ronson collision.

As far as we know, neither man ever bit the other…