CSNY's 10 Greatest Clips

MOJO magazine’s 250th issue, featuring CSNY and more, on sale in the UK Tuesday, July 29. “THIS IS THE second time we've ever played in front of people, man... we're scared shitless!”

It was 3AM when Stephen Stills let the 400,000 people at Woodstock know that they were about to witness Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s second gig. It was a moment that began a 45-year journey through astonishing highs and terrifying lows, break-ups and breakdowns, drugs and jail, and lashings of truly sublime music.

The new issue of MOJO celebrates this unrivalled rock saga with a mammoth 16-page cover feature. To accompany this piece, we decided to compile 10 videos that show the band in all their guises, from hippie godheads to stadium pioneers and beyond...

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PHOTO: Getty Images