The Beatles In MONO – Live!

Unmissable opportunity to hear The Beatles as Mother Nature intended in Abbey Road Studio 2.

The Beatles In MONO – Live!

MOJO are partnering with Apple and The Beatles to celebrate the sonic revelation that is The Beatles MONO Vinyl Remasters. Pick the Fabs track you'd most like to hear in glorious MONO and you could be dropping the needle on your selection in Abbey Road Studio 2, played back on a multi-thousand-pound sound-system to the approving nods of fellow Beatle aficionados and a panel of experts.

The boys: 'made up' to learn that they're not yet in Stereo.

A selection of entrants will be invited to attend this early-evening gathering at Abbey Road Studios on September 4, 2014, where The Beatles MONO Vinyl Remasters will be unveiled to the public for the first time.

Soaking up the Beatle vibes in the very place they recorded these ground-breaking sounds, attendees will be hearing The Beatles in the format they preferred. It’s The Beatles as The Beatles intended, in their spiritual home.

Are you free? If so, name your track and insert your contact details below. Winners must be available to attend the event, may be contacted by phone, and will be encouraged to bring a guest. The Beatles In Mono Vinyl Box Set and its individual constituent albums are on sale from September 8, 2014. More information here.

The Beatles In Mono Vinyl Box Set: a cornucopia of sonic revelations.

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