Flying Lotus – You're Dead!

Having mapped out his inner space on 2012’s Until The Quiet Comes, Steven Ellison heads into the great unknown on YOU'RE DEAD! This panoramic attempt to make sense of life’s one certainty beyond taxes flutters far above the digital static of 2008’s breakthrough Los Angeles into twisted, ethereal jazz territory. Ellison’s strongest suit has always been in the edit. An exacting perfectionist who spends far more time marshalling material than recording, his holistic marriage of Herbie Hancock’s plaintive Fender Rhodes, Thundercat’s elastic bass and the poltergeist spirit of great aunt Alice Coltrane’s cosmic bells, harps and percussion is breathtaking in scope and dastardly in execution. It transforms the grim business of shuffling off this mortal coil into a world of infinite possibility.

Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus: he’s making those eyes at you again.