Foxygen – ...And Star Power

LAST YEAR'S REPORTS that tensions between Foxygen frontman Sam France and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Rado were splitting their band apart appear to have come to nothing. If anything, their third album seems like a heavy act of commitment, a renewal of musical vows: …And Star Power is a double album in four sections (including a “suite” and a “Paranoid Side“), all bound together with a ribbon of (very) high-concept fun. Rambling between the clammy psychedelic blandishments of MGMT and the wild-eyed excesses of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, it’s full of turn-ons and freak-outs, pastiche and peculiarity. Disc one includes what they call ‘The Hits’ – the rippling Todd Rundgren pop of How Can You Really, for example, or Cosmic Vibrations: Mercury Rev for millennials – while the second section pinballs unsteadily between The Rolling Stones, Suicide and The Stooges. Their star power indeed might be largely borrowed, but they wear it well. Watch the video for How Can You Really and hear Cosmic Vibrations below: