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PROMOTION: Sony Leads The Hi-Res Audio Trend

Listen to music just as the artist truly intended with Sony's Hi-Res Audio range.

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PROMOTION: Sony Leads The Hi-Res Audio Trend

MUSICIANS AND SINGERS spend days, weeks, sometimes months in the studio perfecting their material – so it’s little wonder they want the world to hear their music just as it was intended. Now that dream is closer than ever to coming true, thanks to Sony’s new Hi-Res Audio range. Key is the new Sony Walkman NWZ-A15, a sleek and stylish digital update of their legendary portable music player, which boasts an impressive 50 hours of battery life.

Used in conjunction with other products in Sony's Hi-Res Audio range, such as the comfy and super-responsive MDR-1A headphones and punchy SRS-X9 speakers, you’ll find the improvement in sound quality immediately apparent, from thunderous sub-bass lows to crystalline treble.

Crucially, the NWZ-A15 Walkman will automatically upscale your existing MP3 files to near-Hi-Res quality, bringing out added richness and detail.

In addition, you can download special Hi-Res Audio tracks and albums by your favourite artists, new and old, from every genre, from the associated Hi-Res Audio web site,

Click here to view Sony's Hi-Res Audio Range.

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