Moby: "Environment Changes My Music"

The man who took dance music mainstream sings the praises of the new Hi-Res Audio format.

Moby: "Environment Changes My Music"

US ELECTRONIC MUSIC MAESTRO MOBY feels his music has to be heard in the right environment to be fully appreciated emotionally. “One of the fascinating things about music is it’s one of the only art forms that is radically, radically changed by the environment in which it’s experienced,” he contends in a new video singing the praises of Sony’s new Hi-Res Audio range of products. “Imagine a recording of an orchestra that you're listening to on a tiny laptop speaker, and then imagine being in a perfectly tuned symphonic hall with that same orchestra playing…"

The creator of hits such as Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?, Porcelain and Lift Me Up accepts that people often hear an artist's music in "less than ideal circumstances" but appreciates it when they make the effort to listen to tracks through a platform that "respects the music more".

Sony's Hi-Res Audio range, with NWZ-A15 Walkman, MDR-1A headphones and SRS-X9 speakers.

Moby was discussing Sony's new digital NWZ-A15 Walkman – an update of their legendary portable music device specially designed to play Hi-Res music files – and the associated MDR-1A headphones and SRS-X9 speakers. Crucially, the Walkman will even upscale your existing MP3 files to near Hi-Res quality.

"Hi-Res Audio is the attempt technologically to get the recording to a better place," Moby concludes.

Click here to view Sony's Hi-Res Audio Range.

Watch Moby discussing his music and the new Sony A15 Walkman above.

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