The Who: Lost Drummer Found!

MOJO tracks down the band's pre-Keith Moon sticksman, who still keeps up with Pete and Rog.

The Who: Lost Drummer Found!

HERCULEAN MOD-ROCK GLADIATORS The Who demand that the drummer they sacked in 1964, before they hit the big time with Keith Moon, keeps in touch with them regularly to confirm he's alive and well. In an extraordinary revelation in the latest issue of MOJO, available in shops now, Doug Sandom, the bricklayer who kept time with the band during their formative years in the edgy pubs and Mod clubs of mid-’60s West London, reveals that Roger Daltrey insists he leaves him an answerphone message every couple of weeks. “I think he wants to make sure I’m alive and OK,” explains Sandom. “That's the thing, isn’t it? I’m still here. Poor Moonie isn’t.”

MOJO 252, the U2 issue, available from Tuesday, November 25.

In a feature delving deeper than ever before into the band's formative year of 1964, MOJO’s Mark Blake discoveres that life in the ’Orrible ’Oo was just as brutal when they were starting out as it was later, when they became famous for punching lumps out of each other.

“My favourite gig was the Oldfield in Greenford,” recalls Sandom, who at 32 was a decade or more older than the other members. “But one time I took my wife Lily there and Pete [Townshend] told her to take off her wedding ring, as he didn’t want our fans to know I was married. She hated Pete from that moment on.”

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