Bob Dylan: His New Cover Songs Explored

Digging into Shadows In The Night’s songbook retrievals and their routes to Sinatra.

Bob Dylan: His New Cover Songs Explored

AS WE ALL KNOW BY NOW, Bob Dylan’s 36th studio LP will be a collection of standards called Shadows In The Night, set for release on February 2, 2015. <em>Shadows In The Night</em>’s album cover.

Each number has featured in the repertoire of Frank Sinatra, of whom Dylan once said, “I could hear everything in his voice - death, God, the universe - everything.” And yet most have fascinating, pre-Sinatra histories, with associations as diverse as the Vatican and the south Pacific. They’re also paradigms of classic songcraft, with timeless qualities and enduring impact. It is not difficult to see why Dylan has been seduced by them.

On February 2, bourbons shall be poured and many a needle placed on the virginal periphery of Zimmy's latest offering; but in preparation for the event, let’s strike out into these songs’ already-rich hinterlands...

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