20 Funktastic Post-Punk Alt.Disco Grooves

THE AMAZING FREE CD that comes with the new issue of MOJO features 14 funky, post-punk alt.disco tunes that soundtracked the gritty early ’80s New York club scene from which Madonna, our cover star this month, sensationally sallied forth. It has ESG’s hypnotic funk-rap, scratchy No Wave grooves from Judy Nylon and James White And The Blacks, Liquid Liquid’s minimalist beats produced by Arthur Russell, the infectious rhythm-and-jerk of Bush Tetras, and much, much more. MOJO Madonna: the newsstand cover, featuring Change The Beat CD. On sale now.

Inside the magazine we promised MOJO4music would bring you more astonishing sounds that shaped the Queen of Pop’s music and rocked, hip-hopped and body-popped the New York underground – and here are 20 of the best (including Talking Heads, above).

As with our free Change The Beat cover-mounted CD, we look beyond the US to embrace the international talent whose platters were spun at legendary clubs such as The Danceteria, Hurrah, The Mudd Club, The Loft and Paradise Garage.

Specially featured are artists who visited the Big Apple to look and learn from the city’s sonic emanations, chief among them New Order, who famously worked with New York-based dance producer Arthur Baker on their 1983 hit Confusion, and PiL’s John Lydon, who teamed up with Afrika Bambaataa to create Time Zone’s incredible World Destruction single.

So scroll through our list and let us know via MOJO’s Facebook and Twitter (@MOJOmagazine) which of these tracks make you move and groove, and which great candidates, if any, you think we’ve missed…

For more about our Change The Beat CD, with full tracklisting and artist info, head here...

And for our WORLD EXCLUSIVE Madonna interview, bag a copy of MOJO 256, available on UK newsstands now.

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