The Fall: Watch Exclusive Live Footage Of Two New Songs

Mark E Smith and co. demonstrate Dedication and Jungle at recent Fred Perry Sub Sonic gig.

The Fall: Watch Exclusive Live Footage Of Two New Songs

AS ROY CASTLE used to sing: “if you want to be the best, and you want to beat the rest, then dedication is what you need”, and dedication is certainly something Mark E Smith possesses in vast quantities. Perhaps that dedication doesn't extend to his feelings towards his band members – a host of his ex-employees gathered for a Mark-free gig in December – but to the concept and vision of The Fall this musical Napoleon remains unerring.

Thus when many his age might be happy to put their feet up, Smith and his latest line-up were onstage at the London Garage on a November night last year for a Fred Perry Sub Sonic gig, performing a batch of currently unreleased new songs, and MOJO has exclusive footage from the show.

And indeed there is Dedication, in song form at least. Alas, it's not a cover of the aforementioned Record Breakers theme, but a shuffling, brooding and enjoyably yelpy song that's so new the video even captures Smithy referring to a handwritten lyric sheet.

Plus MOJO also has a clip of Jungle, another new-ish number that's built around a swaggering groove and hammering guitars to which an almost mournful Mark E Smith adds a bluesy – well bluesy for him – hue. Watch now.

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