The Charlatans ‘Come Home...’ To Factory Floor Remix

MOJO’s exclusive preview of the Nik Colk Void revision of Tim Burgess and co’s latest single.

The Charlatans ‘Come Home...’ To Factory Floor Remix

HAVING SCORED A Top 10 placing this week for their 12th album Modern Nature, The Charlatans are now indulging their more experimental side – and you can hear it right here on MOJO.

“It kinda wears its heart on its sleeve.”

Tim Burgess

Factory Floor’s Nik Colk Void has remixed the band’s latest single, Come Home Baby, and we exclusively have the results to listen to below.

The warm, booming soul of the original track has been transformed into a relentless, alarm-like pulse in the new mix, while Tim Burgess’s vocals have been manipulated into scary and booming sonic sculptures.

Curiously, the song’s anthemic quality remains, and while The Charlatans’ version looks set to be a hit at the summer’s festivals, Colk Void’s mix will no doubt wow more industrial and experimentally leaning dancefloors.

Perhaps its down to the song’s original spirit. “It kinda wears its heart on its sleeve,” Burgess tells MOJO. “Like Planes, Trains And Automobiles, whatever gets in the way, you’re going to get home.”

Listen to the remix now.

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