Dylan Goes Gangster For The Night We Called It A Day Video

GUNS, GIRLS AND a hail of bullets… proving that he can mix it with today’s gangster-inspired artists – though adding a touch of old time class to some violent proceedings – Bob Dylan has released a crime-ridden video for his recording of The Night We Called It A Day. <em>Shadows In The Night</em>’s album cover.

Taken from his recent album of songs performed by Frank Sinatra, Shadows In The Night, the black and white film pitches the singer as a double-crossing double-crosser as he and his girl trick a well-moneyed rube to his death... before turning on each other.

With the song’s gentle lilt mixing with an Untouchables-like setting, The Night We Called It A Day’s video is a sweet, if murderous, hark back to yesteryear America, though with a bodycount of at least two, Dylan proves he’s one mean customer.

Watch the video directed by Nash Edgerton – a stuntman and filmmaker who has previously helmed clips for Dylan’s Must Be Santa Claus, Beyond Here Lies Nothin and Duquesne Whistle – in full below now.

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